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Me & My Ball


Encourage children to develop a physical relationship with the ball through playing basketball (ball familiarity)


  • Socially – confidence, actively taking part

    社交 – 自信、积极参与

  • Physically – agility, balance, co-ordination(Dribble + shot + layup)

    体能 – 敏捷、平衡、协调(运球+投篮+三步上篮)

  • Cognitively – creative imagination, colours and memory

    认知 – 创造想象力、色彩和记忆

  • Emotionally – understands own feelings and knows the boundaries set

    情感 – 理解自己的感受并知道界限设定

Me & My Friend


Developing peer interaction and a strong sense of identity with the coach through working with the partner.


  • Socially – listening and building relationships

    社交 – 倾听并建立关系

  • Physically – fundamental movements and skills(pass/steal a ball)

    体能 – 基本动作和技巧(传球+断球)

  • Cognitively – counting, reading and following instructions

    认知 – 计数、 阅读和遵循指示

  • Emotionally – understands others' needs, wants and feelings

  • 情感 – 理解他人的需求、愿望和感受

Me & The Game


Encourage children to build up their awareness of rules through the competition of small teams, cultivate their awareness of competition and cooperation, and solve problems together


  • Socially – teamwork, winning and losing

    社交 – 团队合作、输赢

  • Physical – understand impacts on body due to exercise(combine body and basketball skills together)

    体能 – 了解运动对身体的影响 (运用身体与篮球技能结合)

  • Cognitive – problem solving

    认知 – 解决问题

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