SPORTSWORLD童励 and Sport|ED have jointly launched the 3-11 year old Rainbow Tennis program and the 11-year and older Junior Tennis program.


With over 40 years of combined international tennis experience and over 10 in China the SPORT | ED philosophy is to combine sport and education, using “school like” structured programs and lesson plans, to ensure well rounded student-athletes.


Class Introduction 课程介绍

EarlyYears 3-5 yrs | 年龄:3-5岁

MainFocus: General coordination, motor skills & lots of fun

课程重点:协调性,运动技能 & 各种乐趣

RainbowWhite 5-6 yrs | 年龄5-6岁

Focus:Full participation & balance while moving

课程重点:高度参与 & 移动中保持平衡

Rainbow Purple 6-7 yrs | 年龄6-7岁

Focus: Basic stroke technique & understanding

课程重点:基础技术的技巧 & 理解

Rainbow Red 7-8 yrs | 年龄 7-8 岁

Focus: Rally concept & friendly competition

课程重点:拉球的概念& 友好竞争

Rainbow Orange 8-9 yrs | 年龄 8-9 岁

Focus: Rally stamina and consistency

课程重点:相持能力 & 持续性

Rainbow Green 9-11 yrs | 年龄 9-11岁

Focus: Starting & finishing a point


Junior Development 11+ yrs

青少年基础班 | 年龄 11岁 +

Focus: Technical fundemental development


JuniorCompetition 11+ yrs

青少年提高班 | 年龄 11岁 +

Focus:Competition & matchplay

课程重点:竞争 & 比赛

JuniorHigh Performance 11+ yrs

青少年精英班 | 年龄 11岁 +

Focus:Performance & results

课程重点:竞技 & 成效

Class Time 课程时间

Coach Profile 教练介绍


Language 语言能力:

English 英语、French 法语、Chinese 中文

Tabson is an easy going but very enthusiastic coach with over 7 years of experience training players from 4 years old all the way to high school teams. He's known to be a good friend to the players and a coach you can trust and yet at the same time very strict, demanding 100% effort and focus from his young players.

His coaching style focuses on basket fed drills with technical progressions and clear zones ready to play in point situations and matchplay which follows the sport|ED coaching philosophy.

Tabson speaks 3 languages fluently, English, French and Chinese. And while his bachelors and masters degrees are in Electronics he is currently doing a PHD in communications.

He is a great asset to our coaching team, patient and clear with his players makes him a great coach and loved by the players.

Tabson来自喀麦隆,是一位随和但非常热情的教练,拥有超过7年训练从4岁到高中生球员的丰富教学经验。 对于球员们来说,他既是好朋友又是可以信赖的教练,但同时也非常严格,要求他的年轻球员们投入100%的投入度和努力。

他的执教风格是在多球训练中,技术进步和清晰的区域随时可以在比赛场合和比赛中发挥作用,遵循运动| ED教练理念。

Tabson 是我们的教练团队的重要一员,对待球员耐心而且聪明,这使他成为了一名出色的教练并且深受球员们的喜爱。

Coach Arthur, from France, is a RPT qualified tennis coach with years of experience working with young tennis players. He trained under the Galaxies tennis coaching systems for 3-11 years olds and implements them in the sportED programs. He’s passionate and driven to develop young players and provide a fun platform for them to learn tennis. 

Location 场地


Tennis Court, No. 90, Lane 99, Jin He Rd