Parents & Baby

The SPORTSWORLD童励Swimming Program inspired by Australian swimming programs is structured to build the beginnings of a lifelong love of water.


Every child should be given a chance to learn to swim and feel like they are comfortable in the water and ensure they can be able to swim in many situations.


We believe that the first experiences during a child’s early years in the water and the pool environment, should be positive, fun and memorable.


Introducing Parent and Baby Class


You start baby swimming after you have built up your baby’s water confidence by getting them used to being in water both at home and in the pool. We follow Austswim guidelines that children are able to start formal swimming classes after 6 months of age, not before.


The perfect start for you and your baby is to attend adult and child sessions which allow your child to get used to being in the water with

a small group of people. It also helps to give you more confidence and learning how to support your child in the water.


These sessions start to teach your child the basic skills they need to learn to swim including; how to move in water, be comfortable submerging, getting used to different body positions and how to get in and out of the pool safely.


Qualified teachers for Parent and Baby Class


Our Baby swimming lessons are run by a qualified Accredited Austswim teacher, who will use fun activities, games and songs to allow your baby to get comfortable and more confident gradually, over a series of weeks.


Coach Profile


James hails originally from Australia where his experience and passion for swimming began very early in life. James has earned several coveted specialized accreditations from the Australia's swimming and water safety authority AUSTSWIM and has been an AUSTSWIM qualified coach since 2008. Likewise James has also proudly earned an accredited lifeguard qualification under the esteemed Royal Life Saving Society of Australia.

詹姆斯来自于澳大利亚,他的经历和对游泳的热情始于儿童时期。 詹姆斯从澳大利亚的游泳协会AUSTSWIM获得了多项令人向往的专业认证,自2008年以来一直持续AUSTSWIM认证教练培训和学习。同时姆斯也在澳大利亚著名的皇家救生协会(Royal Life Saving Society)中获得了认证的救生员资格。

James first developed his rich teaching experience through coaching within variety of

professional aquatic teaching facilities in Australia. James has developed a passionate interest in developing strong water safety skills and awareness among his students and strives to develop these critical abilities in an inviting recreational class setting.

James has resided in China since early 2016, and now works as a proud Sportsworld童励 team member to share his love and knowledge of aquatics, and is a strong contributor to the company's mission of developing water safety and swimming skills among our student with his open and engaging attitude.



As an adult in these lessons you will learn how to confidently support your child in the water, as well as work on your own confidence in the water. It is okay to attend these classes if you are a non-swimmer or not very confident in the water, as the teacher will also help you with ways to improve. Remember, your role is to help your child feel at ease and relaxed, and provide physical support to comfort and reassure them. To do this you will need to work on your own levels of confidence.



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