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Camp Introduction 夏令营介绍

Explore Camp is for children of ages from 4 to approximately 6 years of age, usually not yet in primary school. Children will get a kick out of this fun packed camp designed to positively impact children’s development, helping them to become confident, capable and independent. We also show the importance of a healthy lifestyle and begin to ignite a passion for sports and being active. Fun games, activities and classes will provide a challenging environment to help kids improve their skills, independence and understand friendly competition. Overall our camp programs hope to captivate and enlighten children as they work on improving their communication, basic physical (gross and fine motor) abilities and social awareness with activities that will be modified to satisfy the needs and abilities of all campers and ensure group participation.

Explore夏令营 适合四岁到接近六岁的学龄前儿童。孩子们将从这个充满乐趣的夏令营中收获自信,能力和独立,并对他们的成长发展起到积极的作用。同时,我们通过夏令营向孩子传达健康生活方式的意义,并点燃他们对体育运动的热情,变得更活跃积极。充满创意和乐趣的游戏活动和课程为孩子营造充满挑战的氛围,让他们尝试发展自己的各项技能和独立性,以及懂得友好的竞争。我们希望夏令营能够启发孩子们提高他们的沟通技巧,基本生理运动能力(粗大动作和精细动作)和社会意识的形成。夏令营中的课程设计是建立在满足所有参与儿童的需求和能力的基础上,因为我们希望每一个孩子都能快乐的参与到每一项活动中。

Active Camp is specially designed for children ages 7 – 10, usually already in primary school. This is the ultimate active summer camp and is ideal for children of all abilities, who want to have a lot of fun while being exposed to a variety of classes, sports and activities. Our camp’s goal is to help them to continue to become confident, capable and independent children. We also show campers the importance of a healthy lifestyle, participating with passion in whatever they are doing and being active. We aim to build on their existing physical development, exploring different sports and games in a fun environment and from time to time with friendly competition. We also have a number of specialist classes to challenge their team work skills, improve social interaction and more!

Active夏令营 是为7-10岁的学龄儿童所设计。这是一个充满活跃氛围的夏令营,无论孩子的能力如何,都可以通过不同的课程,体育运动和活动收获欢乐和乐趣。我们期望帮助孩子们在夏令营中不断变得更自信,更能干和更独立。同时,通过夏令营,向孩子们展示健康生活方式的重要性。让他们学会,无论在做什么,都投入你的热情,并积极地全力以赴。我们希望能在7-10岁孩子的生理发展阶段,在充满乐趣的氛围和友好的比赛竞争中,让他们探索尝试不同的体育运动和游戏。针对这个年龄的孩子,我们还设计了特别的课程,培养他们的团队合作意识,提高社交技能和其他更多的能力!

Session Times 开营时间

Date: 2019.4.1-4.6(Mon— Sat


Age:4-10 yrs

【Our Program 我们的项目】

Sports/Swimming/Creativity/Food Hero's


This schedule is for reference only, actual schedule may vary.


【Fee 费用】

What is included with enrollment 报名包括

- Delicious Sproutworks lunch(“豆苗工坊”健康午餐)

- Hilton lunch provided by Hotel (希尔顿酒店提供午餐)

* Early bird payment must be received before the 15th of March.


All locations have limited availability and some locations will be fully booked.


* Register multiple siblings 100 RMB Discount


* Multi Session Discount – Enroll and pay for 2 sessions and receive a 125 RMB discount on each session.

多期折扣- 报名并支付两期的费用,每期可享受125元优惠

(Discount CAN BE used in conjunction with other offers. 优惠可与其他折扣一并使用)

Equipment to prepare 准备的物品】

Swimming equipment(Swimming clothes and goggles、towel、plastic bag)、sports shoes、sun hat、water bottle、and long sleeves / pants


ADD 地址

【Kerry Sports 浦东嘉里大酒店】

4-5F, NO 1388, Huamu Rd


【Ambassy Club 浦东鸿艺会】

NO 588, Hongfeng Rd


【Lakeville Regency 翠湖天地御苑Ⅱ】

  NO 10, Lane168, Shunchang Rd


【Hilton Hongqiao 虹桥希尔顿酒店】

No. 1116, East Hongsong Rd